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Since the founding of Sasakura in 1949, we have been engaged in research and development of marine equipment, desalination plants, air-cooled heat exchangers and other environmental protection devices which have earned us worldwide distinction. In order to preserve the natural environment of the Earth, we constantly seek to develop new products that meet the needs of the times. It is our aim to create a better environment through fresh water production, energy savings and noise suppression.

CategoryMain Products and business contents
For Marine UseMarine Fresh Water Generator, Heat Exchanger, Cryogenic Butterfly Valve for LNG Carrier, Sewage Treatment Plant, Bilge Separator etc.
For Land UsaAir-cooled Heat Exchanger, Cryogenic Butterfly Valve, Rotary Thermosiphon Chill Roll etc.
For Water Industrial UseDesalination Plant for Land, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant, Evaporation Concentrator, Ozone Generator etc.
Noise Control and Air Conditioning SystemNoise Control System, Anechoic Room, Radiation Air Conditioning System etc.
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