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We, Unisys International Co., Ltd, are specialized in project business of numerous EPCs in Korea.
Currently, we are representing lots of major principals and trying our utmost to
provide them with best business opportunities.

Every single sales people at Unisys Int’l has been in this business successfully for a long time.
Therefore, we are confident to make our clients happy.


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1949년 Sasakura의 설립 이후 해양장비, 담수화 공장, 공기 냉각 열 교환기 및 환경 보호 장치의 연구 개발에 매진하고 있습니다. 지구의 자연 환경 보존을 위해 지속적인 신제품을 개발하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 신선한 물의 생산, 에너지 절감 및 소음 억제를 통해 너 나은 환경을 만드는 것이 우리의 목표입니다.

CategoryMain Products and business contents
For Marine UseMarine Fresh Water Generator, Heat Exchanger, Cryogenic Butterfly Valve for LNG Carrier, Sewage Treatment Plant, Bilge Separator etc.
For Land UsaAir-cooled Heat Exchanger, Cryogenic Butterfly Valve, Rotary Thermosiphon Chill Roll etc.
For Water Industrial UseDesalination Plant for Land, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant, Evaporation Concentrator, Ozone Generator etc.
Noise Control and Air Conditioning SystemNoise Control System, Anechoic Room, Radiation Air Conditioning System etc.
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